101a31072a Aanbieding Sanwa m12 FHSS-4 + rx-471 ontvanger

101a31072a Aanbieding Sanwa m12 FHSS-4 + rx-471 ontvanger

Artikelcode: 101a31072a

101a31072a Aanbieding Sanwa m12 FHSS-4 + rx-471 ontvanger

101a31072a Sanwa m12

Super opruimingsaanbieding van de Sanwa M12 met RX-471 telemetrie ontvanger
Nu voor € 499,00

The Evolution of the M11X 
• Transmitter menu in English, Czech, Spanish and German  
• DMS setting: directly read your registered model at the launch  
• TH 5:5 mode: TH neutral pulse 1.5m sec  
• Point AUX: integrated maximum 6 points AUX 
• MOA MIX : Respond to 2 motor throttle 
• 4WS MIX: respond to front and rear steering individually
• SPEED setting: ST/TH point, direction setting available 
• MODEL sorts setting: model order can be sorted as you like 
• Offset setting: starting position, break storke cancel function 
• Ch set menu setting: setting menu for every CH 
• Weight reduction: 100g less than M11X 
Racing Set including RX-471 Receiver 
   In addition, the M12 is
   compatible to all
   Sanwa F.H.S.S. 
   car receivers and
   LRP C3-RX
The perfect Transmitter Battery
   #79991 LRP LiPo Pack 2400 - 7.4V

Opruimingsactie nu voor € 399,00

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